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What common sayings do people get wrong?

Reddit asks the question. Here are a few answers:

* I heard a girl says “I’m going out on a limp here”.
* My wife once said something about the our cats not being able to pick something up because they lacked disposable thumbs.
* For all intensive purposes
* Be more Pacific.
* I returned a call to a claims adjuster, to receive her voicemail greeting that said she was in the office from 8 AM to 5:00 PM, specific time.
* “I really enjoy your self-defecating humor.”
* It’s a “mute” point vs “moot”. Drives me insane.
* I never knew my dad was saying “up and at ‘em” as opposed to “up and atom”.
* Labtop
* “I did a complete 360 and turned my life around”
* “expecially”. Ugh.
* “ex cetera”
* “Take it for granite.”
* Happy Valentime’s
* irregardless of the facts
* I said “play it by year” for, well, years.
* “Li-berry” instead of “library”
* Fustrated
* “supposably”
* A co-worker told me “I am not very computer sassy”.
* Old timers instead of Alzheimer’s.
* Or All timers.
* People using the phrase “I literally” figuratively. Ex: I literally died laughing
* I had a friend who thought the song was Ducks in the Wind.
* On accident.
* nukular
* I could care less.
* Wheelbarrel. 30 minute argument at work over barrel/barrow. 4 took the side of barrel, 10 on the side of barrow.
* “Each one worse than the next,” as opposed to “Each one worse than the last.”

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